RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation to introduce telematics technology – ITP.net

Dubai Taxi Corporation, a subsidiary of RTA, has selected telematics systems provider FMS Tech. and its business partner Technologica to supply and install telematics technology in its limousine fleet.

The project will include over 100 telematics parameters obtained by the FMS Tech. device from limousine vehicles and sent across to the RTA RMS (Regulatory Monitoring System) Platform.

The FMS Track 2000 IoT, records all data pertaining to driver behaviour, vehicle location, vehicle status, and engine status and performance, and vehicle and engine maintenance and send all these data on predefined very short interval across the GSM network to the RTA RMS platform.

This data is then analysed to evaluate the performance of the drivers and vehicles by DTC’s fleet managers and relayed to the drivers to improve their driving habits.

This on-board computer is embedded with GPS and GSM connectivity, nine configurable inputs, Driver identification that uses multiple RFID standards, in addition to an unlimited number of thresholds and device configurations.

The collaboration aims to enhance road safety, plus gain a better understanding of driver routes and reduce car idle time, which in return will reduce cost and improve the comer experience.

Bassam Alkassar, CEO of FMS Tech., said: “Our engineers have worked very hard to ensure that all RTA’s requirements are met in a timely manner, and that the device to be customisable for future modification and enhancements. Our partner, Technologica, has already begun installing the devices and supporting DTC on this project.

“We are keen on working on this project further and aid Dubai’s, RTA’s and DTC’s Smart City vision. We look forward to seeing the results that the new devices will achieve for RTA and assist in paving the way to safer and more connected roads,” he added.

The project will see these devices installed in 113 limousines initially, and will be expanded at a later stage.


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