Connected car demand to rise 29.1 per cent – Fudzilla

Fuji Keizai claims 90 per cent will be connected by 2035

Demand for connected cars has been rising and the type of vehicles are expected to account for 29.1 per cent of overall car shipments in 2017 and by 2035, according to beancounters at Fuji Keizai.

In a new report the analyst think that by 2035 90 per cent of cars shipped will be equipped with Internet connectivity. It is pretty likely, and so far in the future that most people will have forgotten about the prediction by then anyway.

Car vendors have already started pushing Internet of Things (IoT) service system for their vehicles such as Toyota’s T-Connect, BMW’s Connected Drive and Ford’s Car-Net-App-Connect.

Connected cars using embedded communication modules will enjoy better growth than models using tethered-type and other-type of communication modules, the outfit claimed.

A tethered-type communication module requires an external device such as a smartphone to connect to the Internet, while an embedded one can directly connect to the Internet via its built-in Sim card support.

One of the key events for next-generation IoT for cars will be the development 5G networks among communication device and component makers is expected to accelerate in order to satisfy high-speed transmission demand from the new IoT infotainment systems.

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