Procon Analytics Launches Suite of Connected Car Telematics Products – Tires & Parts News (press release) (registration) (blog)

Procon Analytics, one of the key players in connected car telematics has announced the launch of a progressive new platform that powers a new suite of connected car products and services. The platform is highly scalable platform and has been designed to connect both fleet and personal vehicles to their owners throughout the ownership life cycle.

Brian Boling, the company’s CEO that the industry is entering the next chapter in connected car telematics and next generation IoT solutions. Procon already has a range of connected car solutions and the new suite of products and services will help the company to deliver a more efficient, value-driven connected car and tracking process.

Procon’s multi-national suite of products now includes:

  • Procon Automotive, a dealer life cycle management and customer retention solution platform for new car auto dealers.
  • Elo GPS, which is a stolen vehicle recovery and driver monitoring mobile app for consumers that can be sold through dealerships.
  • MyCar, a mobile app that allows drivers to remotely start a vehicle from their smartphone.
  • Oigo Telematics, a fleet management & vehicle recovery system supporting businesses for businesses in Latin America.

Other than Oigo Telematics, all of the companies are meant for the North American market.

With analysts forecasting that the connected car market will be worth almost USD 155.9 billion globally in 2022 and that over 380 million connected vehicles will be on the road as early as 2021 when compared to 36 million in 2015, Procon is poised to emerge as one of the frontrunners in this segment.

Bill Cheney, Procon Analytics’ CTO and Managing Director said that the new technology would allow Procon to deliver leading-edge features, applications and functionality to its customers, providing high value solutions to improve profitability. In the long run, the company’s data analytics group would provide customers with business intelligence and insights based on the unique data Procon will be able to mine within the connected car ecosystem


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