TyrePal calls for telematics partners – FleetNews

Tyrepal has begun the search for telematics companies to collaborate with in order to improve fleet safety and efficiency.

TyrePal’s tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) can be integrated with telematics systems and the company is looking for businesses to work alongside to create a new range of fleet products.

Tyre pressure monitoring systems use either internal or external sensors to monitor tyre pressure and temperature. This technology, which can help reduce the likelihood of incidents such as blowouts, is already popular with fleet managers. Proper tyre pressure monitoring reduces fuel consumption, improves safety and reduces breakdowns.

Telematics boxes, which monitor location, movements, status and behaviour of vehicles, have similar benefits, including increased safety, security and improvements to routing and dispatching, which can also reduce fuel and labour costs.

TyrePal has a serial data interface which facilitates the integration of pressure and temperature data into most telematics provider’s solutions.

When TPMS is combined with telemetry-based systems, fleet managers can monitor vehicle tyre pressure alongside data about location, driving style and conditions.

“Many of our customers enquire about telematics when buying TPMS,” explained Peter Tillotson, business development manager at TyrePal. “We know that customers want the two technologies, and combining them into one product helps ensure safety as well as reducing emissions and increasing the data available to fleet managers and drivers.

“Telematics systems and TPMS both have a direct impact on road safety, environmental performance and employee wellbeing. Fleet managers have a responsibility to ensure that these impacts are managed as well as possible.”

If you are interested in collaborating with TyrePal, contact Tillotson on 01543 870190.



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