Greaves and Pinnacle partner to launch opposed-piston gasoline/CNG lean burn engine for 3-wheelers

Greaves and Pinnacle partner to launch opposed-piston gasoline/CNG lean burn engine for 3-wheelers

14 June 2017

Greaves Cotton Limited, one of the leading engineering companies in India with core competencies in diesel and gasoline engines, farm equipment and gensets, and Pinnacle Engines, the developer of a high compression ratio, four-stroke, spark-ignited (SI), opposed-piston, sleeve-valve architecture engine (earlier post), announced a technology partnership for the launch of a novel opposed-piston gasoline/CNG lean burn BSVI-compliant engine for 3-wheelers in India. This will make India one of the lead markets to adopt this technology.

The Pinnacle engine architecture features low heat loss and low surface-area-to-volume in the combustion chamber, resulting in less energy loss, contributing to greater fuel efficiency. The Variable Compression Ratio (VCR) allows for reduced pumping work (PMEP) from de-throttling (increased air flow), reducing heat loss and knock resistance.

In a 2012 SAE paper, Pinnacle engineers reported that, with the most basic configuration, the engine can realize light-load indicated efficiency improvements of 15-30% over conventional poppet-valve technology.

Greaves sees this move as an important milestone in establishing itself as a leading fuel-agnostic powertrain solutions & services company. This also allows Greaves access to export markets with large 3-wheeler population. With this advanced horizontal opposed piston design engines, Greaves aims to offer BS VI compliant high power and fuel efficiency engines with lower maintenance cost that results in higher savings to the end customer.

This partnership enables Greaves, currently the market leader in the 3-wheeler diesel engine space, to enter the larger 3-wheeler gasoline/CNG market, with a powerful customer value proposition.

The partnership leverages strengths on both sides, provides opportunities to enter new markets and customer segments.

Utilizing a proprietary hardware design and electronic control, Pinnacle’s unique lean-burn four stroke engine is protected by more than 170 patents. The technology is now ready to be taken into the Indian 3-wheeler market, providing a highly differentiated customer value proposition.


  • Willcox, M., Cleeves, J., Jackson, S., Hawkes, M. et al. (2012) “Indicated Cycle Efficiency Improvements of a 4-Stroke, High Compression Ratio, S.I., Opposed-Piston, Sleeve-Valve Engine Using Highly Delayed Spark Timing for Knock Mitigation,” SAE Technical Paper 2012-01-0378 doi: 10.4271/2012-01-0378.


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