10 years of Neste renewable diesel

10 years of Neste renewable diesel

19 June 2017

Neste began production of renewable diesel 10 years ago at the Neste Porvoo refinery in Finland. (Earlier post.) Neste has since become the leading circular economy company in biofuels and reduced GHG emissions from traffic by more than 33 million tons, based on production of the renewable bio-hydrocarbon fuel. The figure is almost equal to the total annual GHG emissions from road transport in Finland and Sweden.

Neste has become the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel from waste and residues. The production capacity has increased from 0.2 to 2.6 million tons in ten years. In addition to Porvoo, there are now also refineries in Rotterdam and Singapore, and the company is aiming to reach the 3-million-ton milestone by 2020.

Waste and residues already account for nearly 80% of the raw materials of Neste MY Renewable Diesel.

While we were making the first investment decisions on the production of renewable diesel here in Porvoo, we started to review how the range of raw materials could be expanded. Regarding waste and residues, we mainly used animal waste fat and vegetable oil at first, but at that time already we commenced research on the use of used cooking oil, algae oil and microbes.

What someone calls waste is a valuable raw material for us. We are producing Neste MY Renewable Diesel from various types of industrial waste and residues, such as waste fat from the meat processing industry and used cooking oil. We are also constantly studying other, increasingly lower-quality raw materials that have no other significant uses and that could otherwise be burned as energy.

—Lars Peter Lindfors, Senior Vice President, Technology at Neste

The next new fields for renewable business will be renewable jet fuel (biojet), as well as bioplastics and solvents, which are expected to increase their share to 20% of the sales of all renewable products by 2020.



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