Proposed LCFS pathway for recycled beverage-derived ethanol

Proposed LCFS pathway for recycled beverage-derived ethanol

19 June 2017

Parallel Products, a leader in unsaleable beverage destruction and recycling, has filed a proposed pathway for California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) for recycled beverage-derived ethanol. Parallel Products is requesting a carbon intensity (CI) of 69.82 gCO2e/MJ for the proposed pathway.

In California, Parallel Products produces more than one million gallons per year of ethanol using waste and expired sugary and alcoholic beverages as feedstocks for its process. The facility additionally accepts spent grains/brewer’s yeast from local breweries.

Overview of CI values of current certified LCFS pathways. Source: ARB. Click to enlarge.

Parallel is the only company which recovers ethanol from recycled beverages in California, reducing the carbon footprint of disposal services and biological oxygen demand (BOD) loading.

The ethanol production process involves the fermentation of sugary beverages into alcohol, while the alcohol beverages are sent directly to the beer well, and distilled with the fermented liquors into near pure ethanol.

The Parallel Products process is dependent upon grid-based electricity, as well as fossil natural gas from the pipeline. The ethanol produced is denatured and loaded onto tanker-trailers destined for a blending terminal. Once the ethanol is blended with CARBOB, it is assumed to be transported in heavy-duty diesel tanker trucks to fuel dispensing stations from the blending terminal.


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