BMW i8 Roadster to launch at Frankfurt Motor Show

BMW has officially confirmed that a drop-top version of its hybrid i8 sports car is on the way, with the Roadster set to be revealed at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

BMW i8 Roadster to launch at Frankfurt Motor Show

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It still might look like it’s dropped from the future, but the i8 was actually launched back in 2014, meaning it’s due a mid-life update, and is also the perfect opportunity to introduce a roofless one.

The only official info from BMW thus far has been some economy preliminary stats and the teaser video below. Apart from losing the roof, not a lot appears to have changed in the looks department.

BMW gave us a glimpse of what the Roadster could look like in the form of a concept last year (see photo below), although as the video shows, the production variant is a much more subtle.

We’re yet to hear what form the roof will take, but it’s likely to follow the lead of supercars such as McLaren’s 650S and get a folding tin-top rather than a fabric affair.

Top picture shows official pre-production roadster, bottom left is a previous topless i8 concept, bottom right is the current i8 coupe.

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The video hints at the fact that aerodynamics have improved, and glancing at the ever-so-slightly improved stats would suggest this is the case; Combined economy rises from 134mpg to 141mpg, while CO2 drops from 49g/km to 45.

We’ll have to wait for more info on the Roadster, which will join the regular i8 and i3 to become the third car in BMW’s electric ‘i’ range. We expect the i8 Roadster to command a premium over the coupe’s £105,580 list price, and deliveries should commence next year.

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