Torqeedo using BMW i3 batteries in electric propulsion system for boats; 30.5 kWh for $33K

Torqeedo using BMW i3 batteries in electric propulsion system for boats; 30.5 kWh for $33K

5 July 2017

The BMW Group is supplying lithium-ion batteries from its Dingolfing plant to German company Torqeedo. The marine drive system manufacturer is using them for energy storage in its high-performance Deep Blue electric drive systems. Torqeedo was founded in 2005 in Starnberg, Germany and is leading on a global basis as a provider of electric and hybrid propulsion systems for motorboats from 1 to 160 HP for sailing yachts and commercial marine applications, such as ferries and water taxis.

The 30.5 kWh BMW i3 pack offered by Torqeedo has a usable capacity of 30.5 kWh and retails for €29,397 (US$33,285) (19% VAT included, plus shipping charges.) The pack carries a 9-year warranty. 9 years after commissioning, the batteries will still have 80% of their original capacity, even if used every day. Battery ageing is transparent and can be tracked by the user in the on-board computer at any time.

We see the decision by Torqeedo to use BMW i high-voltage batteries for their Deep Blue propulsion system as further evidence that we can build the drive systems of the future without any need for compromise on performance, innovation and sustainability. This successful transfer of the latest automotive technology to the water is testament to the value of the integrated approach that underpins BMW i.

—Dr Alexander Kotouc, Head of Product Management BMW i

The BMW Group develops and assembles high-voltage batteries for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in-house. The lithium-ion battery created for the BMW i3 comprises eight modules, each containing 12 cells. The connectors, cables, monitoring sensors and heating and cooling system have also been developed specifically for BMW i.


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