1845 Oil Field Services adopts Transflo telematics for electronic driver logs – Modern Bulk Transporter

Pegasus TransTech, a leader in enterprise mobility, telematics, and business process automation for the transportation industry, announced it has signed Texas-based 1845 Oil Field Services, one of the largest proppant transportation, freight management, and logistics companies in North America.

With its selection of Transflo Telematics, 1845 is deploying electronic logging devices (ELDs) throughout its fleet. Hundreds of fleet drivers and owner-operators will use these ELD-equipped trucks to move millions of pounds of sand and other oil field materials in and out of client sites. Drivers will simply manage logs and receive communications through Transflo’s industry-leading mobile solution.

“Oil field logistics is a very dynamic area of the transportation industry,” said Chad Hall, vice-president of safety and compliance at 1845 Oil Field Services. “To plan and coordinate large-scale projects in remote locations, we were looking for real-time visibility of our fleet. Transflo is helping us do that with map-based GPS and reporting capabilities, and we’re already seeing great results.”

Installing new software and hardware well ahead of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA’s) December deadline, 1845 achieves an early start to both Texas intrastate and federal interstate compliance. The company has implemented the full enterprise telematics version of the product, which provides electronic logs plus vehicle analytics, maintenance notifications, and advanced reporting with driving pattern insights.

“It’s exciting to see the safety and compliance results that 1845 is achieving,” said Frank Adelman, president and chief executive officer of Pegasus TransTech. “Their focus on next-generation telematics technology demonstrates their strategic vision and further positions them as a leader in the oil field services space. They have a keen understanding of the supply chain.”

Commercial drivers at 1845 will save time and reduce paperwork on each log. The FMCSA estimates that companies can save $705 or more per driver each year by eliminating paper logs, submissions, and filings. In addition to the ELD and telematics reporting, 1845 is using Transflo Mobile to deliver customized training to drivers, who will receive video updates and messages from the fleet and access Transflo’s video library.



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