eServices Announces Telematics Exchange for Insurance Companies – Business Wire (press release)

PEABODY, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–eTechnology Services, a division of eServices, announces the launch of
the Telematics Exchange that provides insurance carriers the ability to
easily access their insureds’ identifiable telematics data from multiple
telematics providers. The Telematics Exchange captures the data,
performs the analytics, and presents the data in a usable format.

“With the erosion of the commercial auto industry, there is no better
time to incorporate telematics,” Kevin Seth, President of eTechnology
Services. “Better data driven decisions are achievable with the new
real-time telematics information that is not available to most carriers.”

The Telematics Exchange provides the data necessary to improve risk
selection, pricing, claims handling, and enables a proactive approach to
risk management. The program offers built-in analytics and customized
dashboards to refine risk models, enhance pricing, and develop custom
insurance programs.

“Telematics enables endless possibilities,” Chris Bernard, VP of Product
Development, eTechnology Services. “Telematics can provide value for any
commercial automobile policy not just Usage Based Insurance (UBI)

The Telematics Exchange is currently available through eTechnology
Services, a division of eServices Companies. For more information, visit
To stay up to date on news and industry information from eServices and
eTech Services, find us on LinkedIn,
and Twitter.

About eServices Companies
eServices Companies are subsidiary
companies of Energi, a leading provider of insurance and risk management
services. The specialized platform is focused on providing turnkey risk
management, claims, marketing, and technology solutions through its
various entities. eServices is comprised of spin-off companies developed
under Energi, Inc. These companies include eClaims Management, eRisk
Solutions, and eTech Services. eServices was developed to make services,
unique to Energi, available to a wider audience and to deliver small and
middle market companies with mechanisms to manage exposures, drive down
losses, and reduce expenses. To learn more about eServices and its
platform solutions, visit

About eTech Services
eTech Services is a technology
solutions provider based in the Boston metro area that is focused
exclusively on the insurance vertical. eTech Services’ strong domain
expertise has allowed us to create customizable products that address
both operational and client-facing business needs. These applications
include data storage and output, underwriting analytic systems, risk and
claims management activity trackers, and online-based training
platforms. The goal of the eTech Services products is to streamline
procedures, improve decision making processes, and drive results.


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