Another Bolt EV road trip, best green-car deals, BMW electric-car sales, child seats: Today’s Car News

Today, what lessons did a Chevy Bolt EV electric-car driver learn from his 1,300-mile road trip? Do you know what to do if your car seats are in a crash? And how many plug-in electric cars did BMW sell over six months? All this and more on Green Car Reports.

You may recall some previous Chevy Bolt EV electric-car road trips we’ve covered: driving one from Richmond to St. Louis, or a couple who are going coast-to-coast across Canada.

Now we have another Bolt EV trip report, with the lessons learned over 1,300 miles clearly laid out.

It’s the middle of July, so we’ve got our usual rundown of best green-car lease and purchase deals for the month.

Did you know BMW delivered more plug-in electric cars than Tesla between January and June? We bet many reader didn’t.

The plug-in hybrid Audi A8 that we told you about yesterday may add a hot-rod S8 version with a Porsche plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Finally, if your child seats have been through a car crash, what should you do? We explain it carefully.


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