New Porsche Berlin-Adlershof center with 25m solar pylon and 800V 350 kW fast charging

New Porsche Berlin-Adlershof center with 25m solar pylon and 800V 350 kW fast charging

17 July 2017

Porsche opened its new technology center in Berlin-Adlershof. The new site features a 25-meter-high solar pylon that generates up to 30,000 kWh of electricity annually and covers the entire annual demand of the new Porsche Center. The pylon weighs 37 tonnes and comprises 7,776 solar cells, representing a total surface area of approximately 270 m2. Liquid-cooled, 800V 350 kW fast-charging is also installed on the premises.

Parallel to the Berlin-Adlershof site, the existing Porsche Center in Berlin has been modernized and the Porsche Center Berlin-Potsdam has been extended extensively. Investments at the three locations total €15 million (US$17.2 million).


Porsche solar pylon. Click to enlarge.

The Porsche High Power Charging (HPC) stations use CCS connectors.

Another charging station for the testing of modern charging technology is currently being built at the US headquarters of the sports car manufacturer in Atlanta. The Porsche Mission E (earlier post) will be the first production vehicle with 800-volt technology, which will bring Porsche to the market by the end of the decade. The development partner for the new charging technology is Porsche Engineering Group GmbH, headquartered in Weissach.


Porsche and its Volkswagen Group sibling Audi, BMW Group, Daimler and Ford are partnering on the creation of an ultrafast HPC network in Europe, with power levels up to 350 kW. (Earlier post.) An initial target of about 400 sites in Europe is planned. By 2020 the customers should have access to thousands of high-powered charging points. The goal is to
The charging experience is expected to evolve to be as convenient as refueling at conventional gas stations.

The Porsche Center was built on an area of around 10,000 square meters. Up to 19 vehicles can be presented in the showroom. The extensive workshop area offers state-of-the-art maintenance and repair facilities. A special feature is the integrated car body construction: all work in this sector is carried out directly in the branch by specially qualified employees.

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