Volkswagen to offer incentive in Germany of up to €10,000 to scrap Euro 1-4 diesels

Volkswagen to offer incentive in Germany of up to €10,000 to scrap Euro 1-4 diesels

8 August 2017

Volkswagen is offering an incentive of up to €10,000 (US$11,815)—depending upon the model purchased—for the purchase of Euro 6 vehicles in Germany if an older diesel vehicle (Euro 1 to Euro 4 standards) is scrapped at the same time. The incentive is one of a number of elements of a new environmental program launched by the automaker in its home country.

In addition, Volkswagen is offering a future incentive of between €1,000 and €2,380 (US$1,181 to $2,812) to customers purchasing a vehicle with an electric, hybrid or natural gas powertrain.

Within the framework of this environmental program, Volkswagen will update the control software of more recent diesel vehicles (Euro 5 and 6 standards) to deliver a reduction in NOx of an average 25-30%. The update is free to the owner.

Volkswagen incentives by model
Model Incentive, gross
up! €2,000
Polo €3,000
Golf, Golf Sportsvan, Golf Estate, Tiguan, Tiguan Allspace, Beetle Cabrio €5,000
Touran €6,000
Passat Sedan/Estate, Arteon, Sharan €8,000
Touareg €10,000
Volkswagen incentives by powertrain
Powertrain Incentive, gross
Natural gas €1,000
Hybrid €1,785
Electric €2,380

These incentives are available independently from the state purchasing incentive for electric vehicles introduced in July 2016, which customers can claim in addition.

The Volkswagen environmental and future incentives are available for a limited time up to 31 December 2017. Applications for the incentives can be made with immediate effect to Volkswagen dealers in Germany.

Volkswagen is giving a clear signal for the renewal of the vehicle fleet in Germany. With our environmental incentive, we are actively promoting the changeover to highly advanced gasoline and diesel engines to the Euro 6 emissions standard. Customers purchasing a new Golf receive an environmental incentive of €5,000. That corresponds to the scrappage incentive paid in 2009, without the state subsidy. If you opt for an e-Golf, you will receive an additional future incentive of €2,380. This means that we are doubling the manufacturer’s share of the existing state environmental incentive program, from which customers will receive a further amount of €4,380. The total support available to customers is therefore €11,760.

—Thomas Zahn, Head of Sales and Marketing Germany

Volkswagen currently offers the battery-electric e-Golf and the e-up!, in addition to Passat GTE and Golf GTE hybrid models. Within the framework of the Strategy 2025, the brand is working on a comprehensive electric offensive based on an independent electric vehicle architecture, the modular electric drive kit (MEB). The Volkswagen brand targets sales of 100,000 electric vehicles in 2020 and one million electric vehicles in 2025.


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