Masternaut launches grey fleet telematics unit – BusinessCar

Masternaut launches grey fleet telematics unit


11 August 2017


Author: Daniel Puddicombe

Telematics company Masternaut has launched a new device aimed at companies running short-term hire vehicles as well as those with grey fleet drivers.

Called the M300, the unit can be installed within minutes and allows fleet managers to add short-term hire vehicles and others not currently being tracked to their existing fleet management dashboard.

The unit is mounted to a vehicle’s windscreen and powered by a built-in battery. Masternaut says this allows the box to be removed with ease and reinstalled in any vehicle, avoiding downtime and the cost of sending out an engineer.

Data captured from the M300 unit will appear in Masternaut Connect, the firm’s fleet management application, alongside the rest of the fleet using permanently-installed telematics units.

Despite making up 20% of the UK’s fleet parc, short-term rental vehicles are not normally fitted with telematics due to the high cost of installation and logistical challenges, Masternaut claimed.

According to the firm, which analysed data from 10,000 vehicles in its customer-base, fleets save an average of £660 per vehicle per year by using telematics.

A spokesman for the firm would not disclose the price of the unit when asked by BusinessCar.

“In a few years, it won’t matter which telematics device or connected car reports vehicle data ? all data needs to be analysed on one platform,” said Dhruv Parekh, Masternaut’s CEO. “We’ve built a secure platform that takes inputs from different hardware and provides actionable insights to our customers through one application.”

Parekh added: “The M300 is consistent with our strategy to remove installation hurdles and make collecting vehicle data from various sources on our platform easy, so we can provide better insights to our customers. The M300 will help our customers expand their view to their entire fleet and optimise business impact through telematics.”



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